Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I have to be offered admission to Georgia Tech before I can apply to the GT College of Sciences' SHaRP program?  Yes, please complete an application for admission to Georgia Tech at .

2.  Is the College of Sciences' SHaRP Living Learning Community a part of the GT Freshmen Experience Residence Halls?  Yes, the SHaRP program is a part of the GT Freshmen Experience program.  Caldwell Residence Hall (on GT West campus) will be used in 2018-2019 for the SHaRP LLC.  For additional information on GT residence life (e.g. view of the room, building, description of Freshmen Experience, etc), please see .

3.  My friend has been admitted to Georgia Tech, but he/she is not prehealth. Can we still be roommates in the SHaRP Living Learning Community?  No, the SHaRP LLC is limited to prehealth students. Participants will have an opportunity to identify potential roommates from the community list in early May.  Being a part of the SHaRP LLC will allow you to expand your network of friends, especially with persons with prehealth interests and goals.

4.  I was admitted to GT but did not indicate that I was prehealth on the application. Can I still apply to the SHaRP LLC?   Yes, you are welcome to apply for the SHaRP Living Learning Community.  You should update your prehealth interest status with your academic advisor in the fall semester when you meet for advisement.  You should also join the Pre-health Listserv and T-square Site (

5.  I was admitted to GT as a nonscience major, can I still be a participant in the College of Sciences' SHaRP LLC?  Yes, but priority will be given  to College of Sciences prehealth students. If you wish to change your major to a science degree program, you may do so within the first semester. 

6.  What are the typical class sizes for SHARP students?  For GT 1000, ENGL, and MATH, SHaRP sections typically smaller than regular sections since seats are prioritized for LLC participants. For CHEM and BIOL courses, SHARP students may attend a traditional lecture with nonSHaRP students, however, the SHaRP lab and recitation sections are typically smaller than regular sections due to restricted registration for SHaRP participants.

7.  Can I apply to SHaRP as well as other prestigious GT LLC programs? Yes, however, if admitted to more than one GT LLC program, you will need to select the LLC that best fits your interests and goals. The SHaRP LLC is designed for students seeking to prepare themselves for a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, animal/veterinary science, or other health-care related fields. For a list of possible health care professions, see:

8.  Does the GT SHaRP LLC cost more than a traditional Freshmen Experience Residence Hall?  For Fall 2018, the SHaRP LLC will have a base cost equivalent to Freshmen Program Experience Residence Halls on campus plus a $400 program fee per semester (i.e fall 2018 and spring 2019) to cover professional development, social activities, excursions associated with the program.  For housing rates, please see (Caldwell is Freshmen Experience Building with traditional rooms).  Since SHaRP is also a part of Freshmen Experience (FE) residence life, here is a more information on the FE program at Tech:, .

9. Are awards available for SHaRP participants?  Yes, a limited number of merit-based awards are available for SHaRP participants interested in performing research related to advancements in human health.  Scholars must be pursuing a B.S. degree in the College of Sciences.

10.  How can I participate in SHaRP activities beyond the first year? Is there a program fee beyond the first year? Can I live outside of the SHaRP LLC after my first year?  Yes, non-first year students will be invited to serve as mentors and participate in SHaRP program.  SHaRP mentors are encouraged to live  in apartment-style housing close to the first year LLC residence halls (unless selected to be a residence hall peer-leader). No program fee is required for SHaRP mentors.

11. I have applied to the living learning community. What should I expect next?  Students who applied early action will be notified on April 6th. General admission will be notified on April 24th.

12.  I have accepted the invitation to participate in the living learning community. Should I complete a GT housing application? Yes, please be sure to let GT know by May 1 that you plan to enroll. You should also complete a GT application for housing and pay the housing deposit. For information on accepting the GT offering and housing, please see:

13. How do I specify the LLC on the GT housing application? How do I find a roommate from within the LLC? After May 1, we will be matching the list of students who have elected to be a part of the SMaRT of SHaRP LLC with the GT Housing application list.   GT Housing will send your housing assignment information in early/mid June.  Lastly, we will be sharing information in early/mid May about how SMaRT and SHaRP participants can identify possible roommates within the living learning community.

14.  Who may I contact regarding additional questions about the SHaRP LLC program?  Please email .